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Why story?

We are all drowning in advertising/marketing efforts/notifications/updates/messages….  No one wants to see more marketing.  We can’t even process all the marketing we already see every day.

What we do want and what we can connect with is a story.  A story that resonates with who we are and who we want to be.  Our brains are wired for stories - it’s how we make sense of our world.  Stories jump out past the noise and get lodged in our minds.  Stories get past our mental filters and connect with our emotions.

Stories are what connect people and move them to action.

Why a campaign?

Business owners often find themselves only nurturing the customers they already have or only marketing to potential customers, but struggle to do both consistently.

A campaign does both - it nurtures past and current customers, inviting them to go deeper and connect more with your business and products.  And a campaign also reaches out to potential customers to draw them into the experience you are creating.

The story campaign is how you create a meaningful, engaging experience for your current and potential customers.

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2 Design Meetings:  $1,200

Over the course of 2 meetings, we will plan out your
Success Goal, Story, Strategy, Systems and Schedule for your campaign.




I love creating the perfect photos and videos for your campaign
that you can use for your social, web and email strategy.

* price includes editing
** additional costs for specialized services


Let's Create a Story Campaign

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